Back to Basics - New Jazz Album

Aaron Paoletta Furby 2chainz Jazz Mason Freemason

Aaron Paoletta - Furby 2chainz

"Back to Basics" is the debut Jazz Album release for Furby 2chainz. After spending the last 6 years as the Drummer for Las Vegas, NV based Hard Rock band, MEADE AVE, Furby has decided to get back to his roots and perform a solo Jazz Album. 

"Back to Basics" is an album that is several years in the works. The Album consists of songs written several years ago and new songs that have just now been conceived.  

"I am very excited to put this album out. It has taken many years to finally get it right. I normally work alone but this record is different. I can't thank my team enough for their hard work and creative minds." - Aaron Paoletta - Furby 2chainz

From the New Album, "Back to Basics" by Furby 2chainz